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“You always feel great afterwards”

“How to burn up to 600 calories without moving”

“Brings the sauna to you at a friction of the cost”

“Who wouldn’t want one of these?”


Benefit From Infrared Heat Anytime, Anywhere

MiHIGH provides all the benefits of FAR infrared heat, loved by doctors for its wide range of benefits, in just one 30-60 minute treatment.

The best part? It’s SO easy to use. Just lay it out on your bed, and hop inside anytime you want. Cleaning takes 30 seconds, and its portable design makes it easy to store under your bed or bring along on your travels.


Costs 4X Less (At Least!)

Traditional box infrared saunas can cost from $2000 to $7000, or even more for advanced models. And if you’d rather visit a sauna than buy one, the cost of those visits adds up over time – not to mention the time wasted on travel.

With MiHIGH, you can enjoy the blissful sauna high without the high price tag. Plus, you can use it wherever and whenever you want, saving yourself plenty of time.

5 Star Customer Rating

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

Same-Week Shipping In USA

Get 20% OFF with Code “SITEWIDE20”


Can Burn Up to 600 Calories With ZERO Effort

Imagine yourself shedding those unwanted pounds by simply lying in bed, doing nothing. It's not a dream – it's a reality with MiHIGH!

According to research, infrared saunas can help you burn up to 600 calories in a single session. They may also aid in balancing ghrelin, the hunger hormone, which can further speed up weight loss.


Helps to Clear and Improve Your Skin

Did you know our skin depends on nutrients and oxygen to produce the collagen which keeps it firm and beautiful?

MiHIGH’s infrared heat dilates the blood vessels, effectively increasing circulation throughout the body. This increased circulation helps deliver more nutrients throughout the skin and stimulates collagen production. High temperatures can also help with breakouts by opening up clogged pores.

5 Star Customer Rating

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

Same-Week Shipping In USA

Get 20% OFF with Code “SITEWIDE20”


Promotes Faster Recovery

There’s a reason why MiHIGH is the preferred sauna blanket for the UFC, professional athletes, and sporting organisations.

It helps to reduce inflammation, speed up muscle recovery, and boost performance. Studies show infrared heat may even be a promising method for the treatment of chronic pain.

"This home sauna is life-changing. I’m a professional athlete and have seen a huge difference in my recovery since using the kit. It’s a huge help before competition - the number of times I’ve stayed at hotels without a sauna before a boxing fight and panicked - all along there was a simple solution!"

Amy Andrew


"The MiHIGH sauna blanket provides me the same benefits as a sit down infrared sauna, but in the portability of a blanket. When I'm on the road and stressed, I use my MiHIGH sauna blanket to help with my muscle recovery, help me lose weight and relax me before heading to bed every night."

Michael Chiesa


"The MiHIGH infrared sauna blanket is my go-to at the end of the day for the ultimate restore , relax and rejuvenate mind and body."

David Kirsch

Celebrity Personal Trainer


It’s Like Running on a Treadmill – Without Leaving Your Bed!

Hate cardio exercises? No problem! With MiHIGH you can support your heart without having to set foot on a treadmill.

Infrared heat helps to elevate your heart rate, and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Just a 30-minute session can provide heart health benefits similar to a moderate-intensity workout.


Helps Fight Off Illnesses

According to studies, an infrared sauna is one of the best treatments during the cold and flu season.

In addition to boosting your immune system, MiHIGH can also help lower oxidative stress, reducing your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer, and degenerative diseases like dementia.

5 Star Customer Rating

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

Same-Week Shipping In USA

Get 20% OFF with Code “SITEWIDE20”


Flushes Out Toxins

Our immune systems are exposed to modern-day toxins that our ancestors never dreamt of: pesticides, toxic metals, PCBs in plastics, environmental pollution, and GMOs.

Luckily, with MiHIGH, you may literally sweat those toxins out of your body. And because infrared heat elevates your body temperature deep within, it promotes a deeper level of detox than standard saunas.


(Last one!)

It’s the Perfect Chilling Companion

What’s better than naturally boosting your health and fitness? Doing it effortlessly while lounging on your bed!

Just one session with MiHIGH can assist your brain in producing happy chemicals, helping you to unwind and let go of stress and anxiety. It's the perfect time to listen to music, watch some TV shows, or just close your eyes and meditate. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, you'll experience that sweet sauna high, gain more energy throughout the day, and sleep like a baby at night.

Rated 4.9/5

based on 650+ reviews

I love my sauna blanket - it's sooooo relaxing. I was never a fan of saunas (they made me feel panicky) but the infrared blanket is just the best.

Maribel P.

Wish I had found out about these years ago, how did I live without it. Great for minor aches and pains from a workout like a full body heating pad, especially great for your back. Love it!!

Fleet M.

I love it - I use it every day and feel amazing after my sauna. I recover faster after daily training sessions, sleep better, and my mood is so mellow afterwards that nothing bothers me. It’s also super quick and easy to wipe clean and pack up.

Craig M.

All the Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Calorie burn



Clearer Skin

Reduce Stress

Better Sleep


New Year SALE

“I’m addicted. I get the same feeling as a normal infrared sauna - and it fits on my bed” - Julene C.

4.9/5 (650+ Reviews)

Try Mi-HiGH Infrared Sauna Risk-Free and for 20% Less!

#1 At-Home Portable Sauna

Get the benefits of infrared saunas from the comfort of your own home - at a fraction of the cost.

Normally: CAD 699

With Code: CAD 559.20

🔥 Burn up to 300-600 calories per session

💪 Recover from aches & pains with deep penetrating infrared heat

✨ Calm your mind and experience that post-sauna high

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Get 20% OFF with Code “SITEWIDE20”

5 Star Customer Rating

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

Same-Week Shipping In USA


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